Vintage winery and bottling of wines with an Empordà certificate of origin, it is located in Mollet de Peralada, Girona, High Empordà, a village with a historical viticulture tradition, situated at the foot of Les Alberes, where around 100 hectares of vineyard are cultivated.

The selected grapes are fermented under control with modern techniques in the cooperative winery, which is located in front of the place where the wines age and are bottled. The range of bottled wines comprises red wines, white wines and rosé wines. One of the specialties of this winery is the production and bottling of well-known natural sweet wines, as the Muscatel, the Black Mistela and the Garnacha wine. Alt Emporda routes of wines and champagnes in Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

The municipal boundary of Mollet de Peralada (High Ampurdan, Gerona), Catalonia, Spain, also belongs to the CAVA certificate of origin, an artisanal product produced in these wineries since they were founded. During this time, Garnacha as well as other wines from the wineries, have won different significant prizes. Its well-deserved reputation has required the exportation to different European countries, Japan and the Unites States. Those are wines which, due to their idiosyncrasy, remain in the gustatory memory of those who have savored it.

NORDEST Wine association, has an agro-food shop annexed to the winery where, besides being able to taste the wines, you can buy other agro-food products from the Empordà, produced in an artisan way.

  • Opening hours from Monday to Friday:
    from 09h to 13h and from 15h to 19h

    The winery tours have to be arranged through the following phone number 972 56 31 50


Mollet de Peralada

Vinicola del NordestMollet de Peralada, or Mollet d’Empordà, is a municipality from Alt Empordà, located in the valley of Merdanç, where there are the first buttresses of the Albera Mountain range. The settlement of the Costes de Mollet de Peralada is in the south of the boundaries of Peralada.

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Vinícola del Nordest

Vintage winery and bottling of wines with an Empordà certificate of origin. Degustación de vinos. Sale of wines and products from the country.

C. d'Espolla 9
17752, Mollet de Peralada
Girona, Alt Empordà


+34 972 56 31 50 (9-13h | 15-19h)

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